Criminals use malware to steal personal information and commit fraud. These programs can cause your computer to crash and can be used to monitor and control your online activity.

Do you have a virus?

There are many signs that you have viruses or malware running on your computer.
Your computer may be infected if it:

  • Slows down, crashes, or displays repeated error messages
  • Won’t shut down or restart
  • displays a lot of pop-ups
  • displays web pages you didn’t intend to visit
  • sends emails you didn’t write
  • has new and unexpected toolbars
  • has new and unexpected icons in your shortcuts or on your desktop
  • changes your internet home page
  • drains laptop battery more quickly than it should

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Virus Removal

Our virus removal service includes the complete removal of all malicious software affecting the computer. This service is guaranteed, if we can’t completely remove all viruses, you don’t pay. No fine print needed. Our virus removal service also includes the installation of anti-virus software and PC Tune-up service for free.

Please note, regardless of whether you choose us to work on your computer, if you think your computer is infected¬†don’t wait. Have your computer checked by a professional as soon as possible. We recommend that you stop using your computer until you are sure that it is no longer infected.¬†